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You can download older versions of FL Studio from the links below too: NOTE: If FL Studio 10 - FL Studio version 10.0.9 - released October 2011. FL Studio. YES - FL Studio BOX version 10 and higher: 'Lifetime Free Updates' ARE included. You will need to register your box first. NO - FL Studio box version 9 and. When samples are exchanged in a new FL Studio version, the older sample content is still available in the legacy directory. If the specific sample you are looking. Mar 29, 2011 FL Studio 10 is out now. Grab the installer and update your installation or try it in demo today. FL Studio 10, the fastest way from your brain.

In short, download the registration key (and install it) and the FL Studio From FL Studio box version 10 and up 'lifetime free updates' are included in the box.

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