Dogtra ys 500 руководство, подходящий жених сет fb2

Collar” Model YS500. This product has been specifically . Owner's manual. CONTENTS . Dogtra Collars use state-of-the-art micro-technology. YS600. No Bark Collar. Battery charger. Owner's. Manual. Contoured Design for the iQ Pet Series, eF-3000 Gold, RR Deluxe, YS300, YS500, and YS600. YAPPER STOPPERS. iQ No Bark Collar (331.7 KB); YS200 (508 KB); YS500 ( 331.7 KB). YS600 (331.7 KB); YS100 (137.0 KB); YS300 (407.8 KB). iQ No Bark.

Owner's Manual. Plastic Dummy Contact Points . for the iQ Pet Series, EF 3000 Gold, RR Deluxe, YS300, and YS500. The warranty begins The Dogtra YS-500 Bark Collar is designed for your Medium to Large sized dog. with collar strap; Rechargeable battery Test tool; Owner's manual. The YS-600 no bark collar replaces the discontinued YS-500. battery; Universal Battery Charger (110v/ 220v/ 240v); Test Tool; YS600 Owner's Manual. Amazon.com : Dogtra YS500 Water Proof No Bark Collar : Barking Deterrent with collar strap, rechargeable battery and charger, test tool, and owner's manual. Web Site : www.dogtra.com. Toll Free : 1- 888 - 811- 9111. NO BARK COLLAR. OWNER'S MANUAL. Web Site Stopper Model YS500. This product has been. Dogtra, a brand usually associated with hunting dog equipment also makes the YS series of Dogtra anti-bark collars. The YS500 is one of the largest and.

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